Apex labelling is the only domestic provider of labelling equipment in New Zealand. Apex designs and builds labelling solutions to meet your unique requirements.

Unlike other suppliers, Apex doesn't import pre-baked products from abroad. We listen to your requirements and design and deliver a custom solution.

All our equipment is designed and manufactured in New Zealand. As a result, we hold a comprehensive stock of spare parts on the shelf as well as offering a next business day service nationwide.

Multi Machine

Consumer Products

Apex's roots evolved out of the printing industry and we played a key role in developing self-adhesive labels over two decades ago. There are very few products we haven't come across or problems we haven't solved.

Whether premium wine, high end cosmetics or up-market dairy products, we can provide independent advice to ensure your product reflects your brand and the care and attention you have put into making it.

Product ID & Traceability

Apex provides a wide range of product ID and traceability solutions. Apex is able to integrate all leading printer / coder equipment into our solutions.

Often box / carton labelling solutions are unreliable or sensitive to environmental conditions including dust and dirt. Apex equipment is designed to work in all environments, reliably over an extended lifespan.

Innovative Solutions


Apex is proud of the innovation it has commercialised here in New Zealand. Across its 40 year history, Apex has produced automatic labelling of overweight bags for Air New Zealand, neck labelling of wine bottles and this year camera based image recognition for labelling of embossed bottles.

Apex will continue to support industries here in New Zealand as they seek to differentiate their products both domestically and internationally.