The core of the Apex business is the design and manufacture of inline labelling equipment. Inline is where the labelling process happens whilst the product passes through the machine on a conveyor – as opposed to other techniques, where the product is removed from or stopped on the conveyor before being returned once labelled.

We have a broad range of generic machine designs, which will suit virtually any application in the New Zealand market. Typically we will customise each machine to meet the precise requirements of the application, as opposed to making the application fit the machine we have available.

A typical piece of Apex machinery has the following attibutes:

    • Speed range of 25 to 250 bpm
    • Upgradeable post sale to increase speed/ performance or functionality
    • Robust construction to withstand the rigors of a production environment
    • Made from Stainless Steel to meet the requirements of GMP or Food Manufacturing¬†
    • Uses 100% non proprietary electronics and off the shelf pneumatics
Carton Seal Applicator
Variable sizes of carton in random order, Variable line speed, Fitted around existing conveyor, Project pay back in 4 months
Product Orientation
Belt driven alignment system for oval products, Speed matched to conveyor, Adjustable for different bottle widths and heights
Front & Back Panel Applicator
14 different sized products on one line, speeds of 25 - 75bpm, product change over less than 3 minutes
Vacuum wrap system
Full body wrap labelling, increased placement accuracy, 225 bpm, multiple labels per product
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