APEX MLS200 Platform

15 – 125 BPM     ⬤     Round, Square, Oval or Squeeze Products     ⬤     1 – 2 Labels Per Product

MLS200 Front and Back Labeller

The Apex MLS200 platform is an inline front and back labelling system suitable for round, square, oval and squeeze products. The system applies 1 to 2 labels per product at a rate of 15 – 125 products per minute and is able to be integrated with your existing production lines or run as a standalone unit.

As with all Apex equipment, the MLS200 is available ‘off the shelf’ or can be customised to meet your unique requirements. No matter your needs, we will work with you to deliver a labelling solution that fits your application rather than changing your application change to suit the labelling solution.

We understand that production environments are often harsh on the equipment operating within them. That’s why we build all our machines with robust materials such as sturdy, stainless-steel frames that withstand challenging environments and meet the requirements of GMP or Food Manufacturing.

The MLS200 also features 100% non-proprietary electronics and off the shelf pneumatics. As well as touchscreen control, manual sensor adjustment, dial gauges and laser-etched scales for setup and toolless changeover.


15 – 140
    Bottles Per Minute

Round, square, squeeze, oval

Round, Square, Oval and Squeeze  Products

1 - 2 Labels per product

1 – 2  Labels Per Product

Front and Back labelling

Front & Back Label Application

The MLS200 Features:

  • Complete integrated system
  • Touch screen control
  • Manual sensor adjustment
  • Dial gauges & laser-etched scales for set up, including tool-less changeover
  • Upgradeable post-sale to increase speed, performance or functionality
  • Robust construction to withstand the rigours of the production environment
  • Made from Stainless Steel to meet the requirements of GMP or Food Manufacturing 
  • Uses 100% non-proprietary electronics and off the shelf pneumatics
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The Apex MLS200 Platform is a high performing inline labeller suitable for use with round, square, oval and squeeze  products that allows you to label between 15 – 125 bottles per minute depending on product spacing.

The system can apply 1 to 2 labels per product and can be fully integrated with your existing production line or run as a standalone unit

Want to find out more about the MLS200 Platform? Get in touch with our team today. 


Inline Wrap Around Labeller - 15 - 125 BPM

MLS200 Platform

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Our equipment is developed with robustness and ease of use in mind. We provide local service and support, with people on the ground and parts on the shelf to keep you running year after year.

Founded over 40 years ago, Apex has a rich history spanning printing presses, packaging machinery and labelling equipment. This means we have the knowledge to deliver you the best solution.

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