Apex has partnered with PDC Europe to bring high quality, high reliability shrink and stretch sleeving equipment to the New Zealand market. Like Apex, PDC focus on quality and reliability. Being one of the original pioneers of shrink sleeve machinery, they have a depth of technical know-how in this area.

Like Apex, PDC produce machines to order, with a high degree of customisation. Their equipment can sleeve products from 5ml to 200l at speeds of up to 850 ppm.

We are proud to represent PDC Europe here in New Zealand as well as providing the local service and support you need.

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What Shrink Sleeve can provide for your product

Product Appearance/ Decoration

Tamper Evidence

Bundling/ Promotion

  • Dramatically increase the visual appearance of your product
  • Full 365 degree product coverage
  • Ability to partially or fully decorate your product with either coloured or clear panels
  • Clear or printed sleeves can be used to provide enhanced product security through tamper evidence
  • Sleeve can be printed with logos, colours and texts to suit your product
  • Options for full sleeve or partial sleeve depending on your product/ market
  • Ability to quickly and easily display promotional or bundled products together
  • Bundling can be achieved on a wide variety of containers, packages and shapes
  • Capability to provide 3-1 product decoration, tamper evidence and RFID tag insertion in one process
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