Equipment Purchase

Apex designs and builds Labelling solutions to meet the exact requirements of your application. All our equipment is built here in New Zealand and is subject to a rigorous Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) prior to shipping to your site.

Long Term Lease

A long term lease can be an attractive way for customers to benefit from the costs savings and quality improvements that automation can bring. A lease allows customers to be more efficient with their capital whilst also benefitting from the tax treatment lease repayments attract.

Apex provides a fully maintained lease option on all of its equipment. Apex will provide annual maintenance, breakdown support and spare parts for the duration of the lease.

Short Term Hire

Whether meeting seasonal peaks in demand, running promtional campaigns or winning new business, Apex has provided short term rental of labelling equipment for a number of decades.

We have a range of labelling solutions available for short term hire, based out of our Auckland facility. A typical hire has a minimum duration of 1 week.

Service & Maintenance Contracts

Apex provides a nationwide maintenance and support service. Based out of our factory in Auckland, we typically hold most consumeable items and spare parts in stock.

Apex also offers an annual maintenance contract. The contract covers all scheduled servicing, a consignment stock of spare parts held on your site along with a 24 hour telephone help and next day onsite technical support - nationwide.

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Factory Rebuild & Overhaul

Our equipment is often working in extreme environments - whether in cold stores, chill rooms or next to ovens. Like all equipment, no matter how well built or maintained, it can occasionally benefit from some TLC.

Customers often find it more cost effective and less costly to refurbish and overhaul their existing Apex equipment, then to invest in new.

Apex offers a return to factory refurbishment service, where we will strip, overhaul and rebuild your equipment, returning it to an as new condition. Often this can include upgrading control and safety systems to meet the latest technology and Health & Safety standards.

Get in touch...

If you're interested in exploring how Apex can help your business, please get in touch. We encourage all customers to visit our factory in Auckland, where we can review the exact requirements of your application and ensure you get the best solution for your needs.