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Beer, Wine & Drinks

Apex has a strong presence across the New Zealand Beer, Wine and bottled water industry. In fact over 75% of all water bottled in New Zealand uses Apex equipment.

Chilled food and dairy products

Apex equipment ensures the appearance and branding of a wide range of food and dairy products in New Zealand

Dairy and chill food
Industrial Products

Industrial and commercial sectors

From Sika to Bostik to Bars Bugs, Apex has extensive experience of labelling these product. Packaging includes everything from trigger sprays to tubes to Jerry cans

FMCG Products

Apex labels a surprising range of food and consumer products in New Zealand. Helping companies protect their brand and drive demand for their product day in day out

Sauces & Jams
Pharmaceutical & Consumer products

Pharmaceuticals, health and consumer products

Apex labels most major package types across pharmaceuticals, healthcare and consumer products, both here and abroad